Our Process


We take care of the kitchen for you!

How we prepare the food and run our kitchens is just as important as how good the food tastes. Thankfully, we’ve perfected that part of the equation by creating a team of experienced chefs and driven employees. We deliver a personalized, home cooked-style experience for everyone we feed, and we also accommodate special dietary needs.

Our Process for Putting Good Food Out in the World

G: Get to Know Each Other

The Account Manager will host an initial call to determine the current food service program needs and how we can partner with your facility to improve your meal program experience.

K: Kitchen Tour

GKM will follow up with an on-site kitchen tour to discuss the details of the food program, review sample menus, determine if the kitchen layout will work to support the program, and discuss budget needs. This meeting will also determine the timeframe, approval process, team members involved in the approval, and next steps.

M: Meet Needs through Execution, Food Quality, & Value of Service

GKM will create a custom proposal outlining the services discussed and how we will meet the expectations provided by the facility’s point of contact, focusing on execution, food quality, and the value of service.

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