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There’s always room at our table, won’t you have a seat?

It all started in a fraternity kitchen. 

No, really. GKM CEO Justin Rolnick built a commercial-grade kitchen in his fraternity while in college to provide a meal plan option in an effort to boost camaraderie among his brothers simply by offering a seat at the dinner table. 

Now, over 12 years later, GKM is filling seats at tables across the country for diners to energize their days with fresh, well-rounded meals with our onsite food service for K-12 schools, corporate cafeterias, and senior living! 

What’s a chef-run kitchen without a food critic?

We aren’t sure of the answer to that riddle, but we do know that it’s a key component to always striving towards excellence.

Ongoing feedback is what makes our kitchens operate smoothly and keeps our menu options as fresh as our ingredients. GKM regularly surveys diners to gain insight on our customer service, food quality, and beyond.

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Let us take something off your plate.

GKM is a full service food service vendor, meaning your staff doesn’t have to add to an already overflowing plate (unless they’d like a bit of what our Chefs are cooking, of course).

We cover staffing your facility’s kitchen with chefs that are vetted not only by their ability to create delicious dishes (drool worthy, really) but also by one unique question only GKM uses: would we want to have this chef at our dinner table?

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