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leadership team

Justin Rolnick

CEO + Visionary

As CEO + Visionary of GKM, Justin sets the long-term goals of the company. But he also takes everyone’s individual goals into consideration… no matter how crazy they are. (No, really. He means that. We would be set to be on Oprah by 2025 if someone were to pitch that goal to him.) Justin’s ability to paint the bigger picture is impressive – almost as impressive as the fact that he is an avid salsa dancer! So what does that mean for you? He’s ready for any big ideas (even the crazy ones) you have to throw at him when it comes to building your dream foodservice program.

Ready to dream big? Simply reach out to Justin and start making your list.

Email: justin@gkmgmt.com

Kerry Greene

Kerry Greene

Director of Operations

Twenty-eight years is a long time to stick with something. But when you love what you do, the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” really does ring true. That’s how it has been for Kerry when it comes to her work in the event and foodservice industry. Lucky for us, she’s putting everything she’s learned over the years to work for us and is helping make our client foodservice programs even more successful!

When she isn’t putting her powers for good to use for us, Kerry is usually out spending time with her family and dog Luna. Most Sundays, she and her daughter Layla can be found at a local Farmer’s Market, on a hike looking for snowy owls, or on the hunt for hidden waterfalls. Kerry is also an avid Boston Celtics fan, proving that her home state Massachusetts ties still run strong.

Send Kerry an email for any operations questions you have!

Email: kerry@gkmgmt.com

Suzy Redfern

Suzy Redfern

Human Resources Manager

Always armed with a hot cup of coffee and a smile, Suzy continually helps GKM (and our client food programs!) grow, scale, and run as efficiently as possible. She not only helps our teams place the right people in the right jobs, but her lifelong zest for learning also shines through in our day-to-day operations. From quality control and compliance to helping refine our training programs and practices, this Washington native loves seeing how all the pieces come together to create the perfect recipe for success.

When Suzy isn’t crushing goals as our Human Resource Manager, you’ll often find her on hiking trails around New Hampshire or perfecting her newfound love for painting with her whippet-mix rescue dog Dexter warming her feet. She also finds Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time to be 100% binge-worthy, can’t say no to any type of Thai food, and would set the weather to be autumn all year long if she had her choice.

Drop Suzy a message if you have any questions about HR.

Email: hr@gkmgmt.com

Emily Maldonado

Emily Maldonado


It takes a special type of person to run numbers all day long. But when you have a Master’s in Professional Accountancy like Emily, she makes the job look easy. From projections to daily balance sheets, Emily helps keep everything on track for us and our clients! She also has a few other detail-oriented, hidden talents up her sleeve. Emily plays the piano, writes poetry and short stories, and cooks up amazing dishes like her grandma’s Italian sauce and meatball recipes!

In her free time, you’ll find Emily spending time with her children, Caitlin and Marcelo, listening to her favorite podcast, “Stuff You Should Know,” and corralling her two feline friends Kiki and Cat. She’s also a huge sports fan and loves showing off her athletic side in a competitive game of volleyball or soccer.

Have a numbers question? Feel free to reach out to Emily!

Email: emily@gkmgmt.com

Andrea Hulse

Sales Manager

When it comes to sales, knowing your audience and services are key. Luckily, Andrea is no stranger to education or nutrition (she’s obtained her holistic nutrition certification as a side passion, no big deal) and has worked in education for over 10 years.

Some of Andrea’s biggest passions include food and travel – just ask her about her favorite wines or chocolates (or the Food Network podcast) and you will be talking for hours!

When Andrea isn’t crushing sales goals, you can find her cruising on her Peloton, catching a Baltimore Ravens game, or taking care of her two dog-children, Bayley and Boone.

Ready to see how GKM can provide you with the ultimate food service experience?

Email: andrea@gkmgmt.com

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