How We Do It


We take care of the kitchen for you!

How we prepare the food and run our kitchens is just as important as how good the food tastes. Thankfully, we’ve perfected that part of the equation by creating a team of experienced chefs and driven employees. We deliver a personalized, home cooked-style experience for everyone we feed, and we also accommodate special dietary needs.

Our Process for Putting Good Food Out in the World

We make your foodservice program more profitable and less of a headache for you by following these proven steps to success.

Step 1

Welcome Call

We go through the proven process, review the statement of work, and gather all contact information.

Step 2

Set the Table Call

We confirm the service calendar, confirm final counts and final menus, review logistics and go through appliance and equipment needs.

Step 3

Move In

We take inventory, do a facility walk through, test equipment, go through employee onboarding and training and perform a mock service day.

Step 4

Opening Day

We start service along with a regional manager check-in.

Step 5

Weekly Meetings

After service begins we check in on a weekly basis to make sure that all previous issues are addressed, go over any new issues with service and go over any upcoming events.

Step 6

State of the Stomach Check-in Call

Every quarter we host a “State of the Stomach” meeting to go over service highlights, issues and resolutions, hear feedback from our team and set goals for next quarter.

Onsite and Behind-The-Scenes Teams

Onsite Employees
Our staff provides hand-crafted meals that are plentiful, look and taste great, and are served on time. We also keep our kitchens extraordinarily clean and organized.

Our Trainers
We have national trainers who travel the country to provide additional training at all levels of employment, making sure we meet the highest standards of services.

Employee Services
From chefs to dishwashers, we take care of finding the right people to fill your local team. We provide an in-depth interview process and complete background checks on every potential hire.

Payroll & Tax Services
Our management team makes sure all necessary documents are filed and processes are completed for employees on your kitchen team.

Marketing your school food program is crucial for reaching and maintaining your wellness goals. Plus, properly communicating current and future improvements will enhance visibility and educate the community. Our marketing team will work with you to decide what methods will work best with your needs.

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